Friday, October 16, 2015

Why vote for Brian?

I have been asked the question "Why should I vote for you?" many times.  It is a great question that should be asked of all the candidates.  Let me identify some areas that I believe are unique to what I can offer you and the other citizens of Highland.

A lot of hard work does not necessarily equate to good decisions but it is a strong foundation to getting to good decisions.  Experience also helps drive good decisions.  
  • I have been on the Highland City Council for 8 years
  • I was on the Highland City Planning Commission for nearly 7 years.  
  • For the past 2 years I have been on the Board of the Lone Peak Safety District.  
  • For the past 8 years I have been on the Board of the Timpanogos Special Service District
  • I have been extensively involved in the UDOT and MAG (county) transportation planning and directional meetings for the past 8 years.  
  • I have also been involved with the Highland Openspace committee for the past 5+ years.  
  • I have worked on the Highland Fling Committee for 6+ years.  
  • I have  started and owned several successful businesses (one of which went public).  
  • I have also failed in a few commercial business ventures.
  • I have successfully managed companies/divisions with $50+ million budgets.
  • I have a good relationship and worked closely with leaders in our neighboring cities and Utah County in addressing Highland needs.
  • Hands on experience with city and community issues makes a difference in the decisions that are made.
Hard Work
I ran for city council 8 years ago because I want to make a difference in our community.  I have worked hard to be involved and understand the issues during those 8 years. 
  • I do a lot of in-depth research on the issues we make decisions on.   
  • I physically visit the sites where changes are getting made.  
  • I talk to but mostly listen to those individuals who are impacted by the changes.  
  • I have solicited information from as many people as possible to get their input on issues.  
  • I spend hours each week preparing for our meetings and I am prepared when we have our meetings.
  • It is one thing to say you will be this engaged, it is another thing to have 8 years of proof that you did it.
I believe the function of the city council should be to have a primary focus on issues, needs, and values we as Highland residents have here in Highland.  This includes roads, sewer, water, parks, and other areas of need at the local level.  The city council does not need to be a bully pulpit for all of the extensive problems the federal government has.  The federal government overreach does impact us as a city.  With that said, I will be a strong advocate for Highland, to our state and federal officials on issues that impact us in Highland.  

Continually Learning
I wish I had all of the answers to Highlands needs and issues.  If I did, it would save me all the time and work I spend each week preparing for our current and future needs and issues.  I will continue to spend the time needed to make good decisions.

Short List of Successes as your city councilman
  • 24 new business in Highland that are still here in Highland adding to our tax base, and several others that have come and gone
  • East/West Corridor Road Funding, engineering, and most state of Utah approvals 
  • SR-92 Expressway
  • A new Community Center
  • Fling improvements/cost reduction to Highland residents
  • Park/Trial: Mitchell Hollow amenities, Highland Glen improvements, Mitchell Hollow parking, Murdock Canal Trail, Mountain Ridge Park land, Town Center Park, Beacon Hills Park and amenities, Spring Creek Park land
  • Door to Door solicitation restrictions
  • 40% reduction in city staff
  • Debris Basin ownership/control
  • Maintaining Sunday Closure
  • Openspace agreements
  • Improvements in City staff
  • Reductions in city expenses/liabilities through policy changes
  • Road Maintenance Plan (3 years)
  • 8 years of a balanced city budget
  • Established a positive revenue balance for all but one of our enterprise funds.
  • Dozens of beautiful new subdivisions

Big Picture Decisions
I have tried to make decisions on what is good for today but as or more importantly how those decisions will impact tomorrow and 20, 40, 60 years from now.

I hope that this gives you a feel for my experience, dedication, and passion as to why I have been on the city council and would like to return to the city council.  I promise to continue to work as hard these next 4 years as I have the past 8 years.   

I ask for your vote if you feel that what I have contributed so far has been of value to you and the other residents of Highland because I will work hard to make the next 4 years just as valuable.

- Brian

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