Hard Working

I believe success comes from hard work.  I am committed to continuing the hard work I have done during the past 8 years for the next 4 years as your city councilman.

  • I have missed no more than 3 city council meetings in the 8 years I have served.
  • I spend a significant amount of time doing in-depth research on the issues we make decisions on.   How much time is dependent on how much I already know and how long it has been since I last learned about the issue.
  • I physically visit the sites where changes are getting made.  
  • I talk to, but mostly listen, to those individuals who are impacted by the changes.  
  • I research how other cities are handling the same or similar problems.
  • I have solicited information from as many people as possible to get their input on issues.  
  • I am prepared when we have our meetings.
  • I research other cities best practice.
  • It is one thing to say you will be this engaged, it is another thing to have 8 years of proof on the city council and additional 6+ years on the planning commission that you did it.

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